February 15, 2010

Let It Snow...

We had snow this weekend. We actually had about 4 inches of snow here. We RARELY ever get decent snow. The snow rolled in on Friday and now it's gone. It was here for the weekend - perfect for playing with the kids - and gone by the time we were all getting restless.

I remember how much fun we had playing in the snow when we were kids. Watching my girls playing in the snow and having snowball fights was a true delight. It brightened my mood, which has been considerably dark for the past two weeks. I'm still fighting with this overwhelming feeling of impending doom, but the weekend made things better.

I wish there were some way to prevent these episodes of darkness. As of yet, I haven't found any way to avoid them. I can fight them now - which is something I could not do just a few years ago. It gets tiring, though.