June 30, 2009

I stumbled across this today and want to save it and see if it works. I don't want to lose it, so I'm posting it here.

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June 29, 2009

Dance Dance Revolution

I am so excited. I just bought a DDR game pack from Ebay for considerably less than it would have cost me to get this from the store. Of course the price is not what I'm all excited about.

There was a sleepover for our teen youth group this past weekend, and one of the girls brought her DDR.


This game is so much fun. Well - I should qualify that. This game will be so much fun when I can build up my endurance and get good at doing the moves. Seriously, I am so out of shape that it isn't even funny. I need to lose weight in a big way and nothing has been working. I'm hoping this new game will help with my weight loss goals because I know I will enjoy playing the game so I will be getting a lot of extra exercise.

At any rate, I can not wait to get my new game and start practicing. After all, there will be other sleepovers, and I absolutely MUST redeem myself from the complete and total humiliation that I suffered at the hands of this game.


June 24, 2009

Simple Pleasures

As I wander through my days, I try hard to find at least a slight bit of joy in each bit of my life. There are certain things that I know will always bring me a touch of happiness. If I'm feeling particularly down on any given day, I know these things will brighten my world - if only for a moment. I thought I would share my list of simple pleasures. We all have a list such as this. Sometimes we just have to stop and recall what that list is.

Here is part of my list.

White roses

Giggles from my girls

A vase full of daisies

Chocolate chip ice cream - Mayfield...

Hugs from the special people in my life

Clear blue skies

A good book

Watching the birds nibble from our bird feeders

Doing something unexpected to make somebody else smile

Talking with a good friend

Petting my cats

Waking up with a little bundle of snuggly baby girls piled around me

Walking in the sunshine

A good kiss

Hot chocolate

June 23, 2009


I'm about to begin a pretty intensive task of repainting the walls inside the house. I already painted the bathroom, though there are quite a few finishing touches that need to be done in there. I have all the paint purchased for the job. I have all the supplies. Now I just have to get motivated.

I'm planning to let the girls help me with the first coat of paint on the wall. I know they'll have so much fun, but I'm still a bit daunted by the possible mess.

Oh well... such is the way of the world.

June 21, 2009 - Glitter Graphics

June 20, 2009

Jon and Kate

I saw on the TV today that there is a special one hour long episode scheduled for the Jon and Kate show. It seems that they have made some life altering decisions that the world needs to know about.

Now, call me a skeptic, but this reeks of publicity stunt.

I'm going to make a prediction. I predict that they are about to announce a trial separation due to the recent marital problems they've been having. They need a full hour to tell us about this trial separation and how they will deal with that as far as the children are concerned.

I will further predict that by the end of this season that they will announce a phenomenal reconciliation with the help of counseling and public support.

Who's with me on this one?

(Please note that I will not be watching the show. I'm sure I'll get the updated information via the world wide web, though. I predict that the news will be plastered over the entire Internet within minutes of the end of that special show.)

June 19, 2009


I'm sitting her today watching a bit of TV at a friend's house. My friend is out of town, and I'm hanging out with her dogs, so I get the reign of the TV. It's wonderful.

Right now I'm watching this really cool show called Clean House. In the episode I'm watching, one of the guys used the word 'clutterectomy.'

I'm in love with this show now. I have to tell you, my house tends to be a bit cluttered and could really use a big clutterectomy. The show is giving a lot of great ideas. It's also giving me a lot of reassurance that my clutter really isn't all that bad. TRUST ME!!! Some of these houses that this show goes in to clean up --- they're BAD!!!

It makes me wonder how seemingly normal people live that type of lifestyle. Just wow!!!


Take note of my new little gadget over on the sidebar!!!

Well, to make it a bit easier to find, I'm going to put it in this post, too. I'm nice like that.

A few of my lucky readers are already aware of my crafty nature. Now the rest of you can check my stuff out, too.

June 15, 2009

Toddler Time

Sometimes you just have to slow down a bit. I went to the hardware store today to buy some paint, and Marisa came along with me. We wandered the store aimlessly for quite a while. Marisa discovered the display bathtubs and found it quite amusing to climb into them and play. Then she discovered the maze of doors and windows. There's something about mazes that attracts children. We wandered through those doors and windows for a while - Marisa insisting on opening this door or that.

When we were finally ready to leave, there was to be no rushing out for me. Marisa became entranced by the automatic doors. She stood and opened the door then closed the door repeatedly - complete with mystical hand motions to go along with the opening and closing of the door. She spent about five minutes doing this. She was quite convinced that her hand motions were the magic that was being used to open and close that door.

I suppose I could have rushed her along, hurried on my way without letting her have her fun. After all, I had no idea exactly how long she would play her magic game. I was beginning to get a bit impatient when she turned away from the door and walked towards me exclaiming that she was all done.

It only took about five minutes of my time, so in the end it was well worth it. That moment of magic would've been completely lost if I had forced her to operate on adult time instead of adjusting my own thoughts to operate on toddler time.

June 11, 2009


I'm really enjoying the television this week. I'm house sitting for a friend, so I have free reign of her big screen TV. The thing is, we don't have TV at my house. We have a television with a DVD / VHS player, but no cable or dish reception. To be honest, it makes life so much easier to live without television. However, there are certain shows that I thoroughly enjoy watching. All the crime shows are on my favorites list. These past few days I have immersed myself in crime TV. It's been great.

This immersion of television, though, has also come with commercials. I have to say that I have not missed commercials at all. They're just silly. I wonder what the creators of these commercials must have been thinking when they came up with these lame ideas for selling something to the general public. It's just sad. Commercials used to be fun and creative. Now they're just pretty lame. They don't make me want to rush out and buy whatever random product is being sold.

June 6, 2009

Jon & Kate

I keep seeing all the tabloids, commercials and blog posts regarding the reality show, Jon & Kate Plus 8.

Tonight I got to see the commercial about the next episode with Emeril Lagasse as a guest.

Am I the only person who thinks that all the tabloid photos and rumors of impending divorce is just part of a scripted publicity stunt to maintain and increase public interest in this family.

After seeing the comment about Jon and his female friends, it was just suddenly so clear that all this was part of the grander plan concocted be directors who want to guarantee that the whole world will be watching as the family implodes. Well - the whole world minus ME! I'm so not interested.

Tell me what you think...

June 4, 2009

Bleeding My Soul

I feel as though I've ripped my soul out and impressed it upon the paper on which I type. Writing is not such an easy thing to do when you invest yourself into your work. My current project is one that I am very passionate about. I find myself filled with a driving need to get the words on paper and not nearly enough time and energy to do so properly. There is a great deal of research and consideration that must go into this new project of mine. (I'll tell you about it later when I'm closer to being finished.)

It's just not easy to pour yourself into something without having the certainty that others will appreciate the value of the work that you're soul has produced. I'm sure that it would be so much easier to simply give up and tell myself that it wasn't meant to be.

Much more satisfying to continue on the journey and arrive at a desirable destination...

June 3, 2009

Does It Ever End...

I am so tired right now. There is so much going on.

My poor kitty cat got hurt and had to be taken to the vet yesterday. We thought she had cut herself on something, and the cut had gotten infected. Turns out that her injury was most likely caused by a spider bite. I'll spare you the gory details, but hope that your animals don't get bitten by a spider. It is not pleasant.

No I have to tend to the needs of the kitty in addition to all my other responsibilities. I have to give her pain medicine and antibiotics. If you've never tried to medicate a cat - it is NOT an easy thing to do. I also have to clean the surgical incisions and apply heat to the area 2 to 3 times a day. Again - not exactly an easy thing to do. She's not very partial to having a wet washcloth applied to her. Cats do not particularly enjoy being wet. Add that to the fact that the area is rather tender. It's just not an easy time. Sometimes I think God has far more faith in my abilities than I do.

Everything seems to be going fairly well these days, though. Certain areas are starting to improve rather dramatically. That's a good thing. Perhaps as those areas continue to improve, the improvements will spread into other areas.

Hopefully somewhere in there I will get to rest. I could use a good bit of rest...


The biggest regrets of life are things not done, people not loved, words not said.

You may think you regret the things you've said or done, or the love you've given, yet looking back over time it is what you failed to do or say or the love you kept hidden that you regret the most.


As in most lessons, I learned this one the hard way.

June 1, 2009

Faith In Action

Today was the day that our church canceled all normal meetings for the purpose of going out into the world and putting our faith in God in action by giving of ourselves to help meet the needs of others. The church chose 6 different locations that had a real need for work to be done.

I chose to join a group that would be working at a local group home for foster children. There was a ton of work to do and a ton of people there to work. I knew before I even arrived that I would be painting walls. Working outside was not an option for me. Let the others plant flowers, cut grass, and carry logs. I will paint walls.

There were lots of walls to be painted.

Luckily, there were lots of people who, just like me, love to paint walls.

There were 6 bedrooms plus one common room that needed to be painted. Space did not really allow for the furniture in the rooms to be removed. The rooms were fairly tiny, so maneuvering around the furniture was pretty darn amusing. In the end, though, the rooms were all painted. The job was not nearly as good as it could have been had there been more time for completing the project. In truth, we needed 2 to 3 days in order to do it right. The walls needed to be scraped and washed before they were painted. There just wasn't enough hours in the day for that to be done. Instead we scraped off the tape and other random bits of stuff that kids like to stick onto the walls. Then we commenced the painting.

Honestly, with so many people trying to coordinate to accomplish a single goal, I was impressed that things went as smoothly as they did. Everybody found a job to do and got busy. It was awesome.

In the end, I had to leave before all the rooms were finished. They were "mostly" finished before I left. Each room was in its own degree of completion, and painters were diligently applying themselves - and their brushes - to the task of getting those walls covered. I was sorry to have to leave early, but the migraine was on its way. There's a time limit from the start of that headache to the time that I need to medicate myself in order to prevent complete and total misery from descending upon me for hours. So I left in search of medication and a bed to lay down and rest upon.

I have no doubt that in my absence the rooms still managed to get completely and properly painted. I just wish I could go back tomorrow and see how it looks with everything finished.

Mostly, though, I just thoroughly enjoyed the day. This is how the world should be.