March 16, 2010

Family Crap

  Today's post is brought to you by my recent Facebook Interaction. 

For the players: Shaunalynn - is meself

                           Celena - is my sister

                            Tammy - is Angel's biological mother

                           Randall - is my husband

                           Angel - is my oldest child who just turned 20

I have deleted the last names and the FB avatars to avoid any identifying information being posted here, just to be sure nobody can come back and file any kinds of lawsuit. 



Shaunalynn My oldest child just turned 20... Sigh... (At least I still have one baby left.)

Yesterday at 1:14am · ·

You have a 20 year old child? I never saw you give birth to that child. You would have been 16 at the time....I remember my brother having that child, and I helped to take care of her. So, don't you mean you have a niece?
Yesterday at 2:08am · 
Good for you.

You may have a 20 year old niece.

I have a 20 year old daughter.
Yesterday at 2:10am ·
You have a 20 year old niece that YOU call daughter.
Yesterday at 2:10am ·
You don't have to like it...

In the words of Janet .... You'll get over it - or die unhappy.
Yesterday at 2:13am ·
I have no problem with it. But you give the impression that you have taken care of this child all of her life, and that simply isn't true. HER father wouldn't take care of her, and her mother was living with a predator... So in essence you have been the only positive role model the child has had. Upon reading your old posts I find that you don't ... See Morelike your family too much. I guess that includes me... But in your words, you will get over it or die unhappy. You can call her daughter, but don't insinuate that she is actually yours because she's not. She couldn't have been adopted without her mothers consent.... which leads me to believe no adoption took place. Correct me if I'm wrong... She has two parents... Two very sorry parents.... And then she has you... I think it's good that you took her in and got her out of DFACS system and gave her a stable life... YAY YOU! That wasn't a bad thing... It's your actions that speak louder than words Shauna
Yesterday at 2:21am ·
Feel better now?

You're not "outing" me. Everybody who knows me knows the whole story.
Yesterday at 2:24am ·
My intention was never to out you. My intention was simply to make you understand that while she no longer has a father, she still has a mother. Randall gets to play daddy and I think that's great. She needs people in her life that she knows she can depend on...While she cannot depend on her mother, she depends on her other mother, which would be ... See Moreyou. I just don't like the fact that you are claiming to be her mother when you aren't. And that's fact. YOU ARE NOT HER MOTHER, you ARE her OTHER MOTHER... Big difference.
Yesterday at 2:29am ·
we are both here mother cause were are the only one that she can count on and through here child hood and my only child who i lover much just turn 20 year old and we have the best time every when we are togerther
Yesterday at 5:22am ·
Thank you Tammy! That was what I was trying to convey to her. Did you sign adoption papers for them to adopt her??
Yesterday at 5:24am ·
no i did not sign any thing
Yesterday at 5:27am ·
Well, let me tell ya something, do you realize they adopted Angel? That's what Shauna says. I told her that you would had to have signed over all parental rights for that to happen... Thank you for the clarification.
Yesterday at 5:28am ·
Tammy - What's your work schedule this weekend? I'll be picking up Angel and Dakota on Friday and bringing her home for the weekend. Yay... I miss our girl.
Yesterday at 8:35am ·
What? You aren't going to justify your adoption statement? I was waiting on a " I didn't say that " or some elaborate story of WHY you said that when it wasn't true. I at least expected you to defend yourself, but in lies there is no defense. In the words of Donald Trump, You have just been trumped! ( Outed )
Yesterday at 9:00am ·
Celena - Go be drama queen somewhere else.

Tammy is well aware that I tell people that Angel is adopted. It's far easier than explaining the entire story.

Tammy is also well aware that I think of Angel as my own daughter. In fact, I would imagine that Tammy is grateful that I think of Angel as my own child and have treated Angel no different than I would have treated any of my own children instead of treating her like a step-child or a burden. ... See More

Guess what - Tammy and I actually communicate, and have been doing so since Angel came to live with me.
Yesterday at 9:08am ·
Funny. I had a conversation with her this morning. She had NO CLUE you were saying you have adopted her...She was shocked, and frankly, I would be too. She did acknowledge that both of you are Angels mother though.... I'm not causing drama, I'm putting holier than thou in her place because holier than thou lies about things that she shouldn't even ... See Morebe saying, and NO Tammy DID NOT KNOW you were going around saying Angel was adopted.... Now stop acting like you are the better of the two of us... What? You can dish it out to me and put me down but you can't handle it when I dish it back to you for a very valid cause? Whiney...
Yesterday at 9:12am ·
Whatever makes you happy...
Yesterday at 9:15am ·
What would make me happy is for you to admit that you lied. Nothing more, and nothing less... But you DID lie, and I'd like to hear you say you lied... but that will never happen. You have too much pride for that.
Yesterday at 9:49am ·
It must be a sad life when your happiness depends on making other people unhappy.
Yesterday at 6:22pm ·
Upon thinking about your answer, you told ME you adopted Angel, yet, I already knew what had happened. You didn't have to lie to me because I already knew. Yet you chose to lie to me anyway. Why? You say it's just easier than explaining the situation, there again, I already knew the situation. So why lie to me? You defense doesn't make sense.
Yesterday at 7:35pm ·
Yes Randall. I do believe it must be.

I was married to somebody like that once... Miserable 2 years ...
about an hour ago ·

March 8, 2010

Welcome Spring

I love warmer weather, when it's not too cold to be outside and not too hot to be outside. I love being able to hang out at the park and let the kids play. I love the gentle breeze and the healing warmth of the sun that is present at this perfect time of year - before the sun is so strong and hot that even a few minutes is enough to make me run for cover. It's awesome.

Welcome Spring!