January 24, 2010

Scrapbook Event

Life is settling down a bit now that the holidays are past. There is no upcoming events that require attention at this moment.

Yesterday, I attended an all day scrapbooking event in hopes of getting some much needed work done on my big project. I managed to complete 18 pages yesterday, which is majorly awesome. I also learned a few lessons to put to use for the next all day event I attend.

1) There is no need to bring everything with me. This is especially true if the demonstrator is bringing all of her stuff and making it all available for everybody to use.

2) Keep your goals in check. I had hoped to complete the entire book yesterday. I was a bit disappointed to walk out of there with 15 pages left to be done. However, when I stopped to consider that I finished 18 pages - I had to admit that the day was productive.

3) Don't lose sight of having fun. The whole idea is to compare notes and enjoy the company of like minded people. Make it a point to say hi to the people you don't already know.

4) Be prepared for crazy things to happen. We were interrupted more than once by random people wandering into our rented space just to find out what we were doing. I even managed to get hit on by some guy who used the "curious to know what all these ladies are doing" line to make an excuse to come in the room. My Stampin'Up demonstrator was amazed and asked - after he walked out - "was he just hitting on you? cause that's what it sounded like to me..." 

We've decided that we will be doing this event every quarter. Now I'm looking forward to the next all day event and finishing up those remaining 15 pages.