April 13, 2010

Finding Motivation

I've been lethargic over the past few months. I haven't had energy or motivation to do anything. It's difficult to have a list of things to be done when there is no energy for doing.

I took a week off away from the babies and my husband. I took my teenager out of town - just me and him - for a week in Washington D.C. The trip was good for me. It was difficult because this was the longest time I've spent away from my girls. I was away from them for a full week. I missed them terribly. I recognize, however, that the time away has helped me to recharge and regain a bit of focus. Marisa is almost 4 years old and I've been caring for her and Kira basically full time for the past four years. I have a day or two off here and there, but never more than two days at a time. The week off was good for all of us.

Coming home was good, too, though. It's always nice to return home after a few days of being away. I missed my husband. I missed my cats. I missed my bed. (Well - maybe not my bed so much. The bed at the hotel was very nice and had piles and piles of cushiony pillows that I didn't have to share with anybody...)

Even though the week did not go quite as planned, the time was well spent and the Mom returned feeling refreshed and in a more positive state of mind.