February 8, 2009

Peaceful Night

It's nearly 8:30 here and the girls have been in bed for over a half an hour now. This is perhaps a new record in our home. I'm experimenting with their sleeping habits to see if I can find something that actually works for everybody. They've both been particularly irritable over the last two weeks, due in part to the general stress in the household, but also to a bit of disruption in even the slightest concept of a schedule. I hope that eliminating nap time and instituting a relatively early bedtime - 8:00 PM - that they will both get a sufficient amount of sleep and stop being quite so cranky. I think my husband going back to work tomorrow will help, too.

It's strange to sit here in a virtually silent house so early in the evening. I have time to think, to write, to create. There are so many projects that I have on my mind, but never enough time to really focus on any of them for more than a moment. The one I'm most excited about right now is the quilt that I found in my mother's house. It was destined for the garbage, but I rescued it in hopes that I can repair the seams that are torn and make it worthy of being loved again. I'm not terribly experienced with a needle and thread so this is a pretty lofty goal that I have created for myself. I started today and managed to repair two of the ripped squares before my attention was needed elsewhere. I'm pleased to say that the sewing looks quite nice. It's difficult to tell that there was a rip in those spots that I've repaired. It isn't perfect, of course, but it isn't dreadful, either. I can't wait to finish with the quilt and launder it so my girls can enjoy snuggling underneath. Kira has one "pattern blanket" that she adores so I know she'll enjoy having another one that is bigger.

Sewing the seams are not nearly as tedious as I had expected. It's actually very calming to work the needle and thread. The motions require a good bit of concentration, so there isn't much opportunity for stressful thoughts. I've often wondered why someone would spend so much time sewing by hand in this day and age. I do believe I've figured it out.

I've checked on the girls and they are fast asleep. Imagine that! There wasn't even a hint of argument when we put them to bed. They didn't even fight it a little bit or try to sneak out to play. Perhaps the lack of a nap will be useful in getting them to bed at a reasonable hour. And since they are both sleeping soundly, I'm going to take myself to my own bed and sit with my new quilt, a needle and thread.