August 6, 2009

Crazy Crazy Crazy

The past few days have been incredibly insane. My best friend had twins via C-Section on Saturday. I got to meet the parents of the twins on Sunday. (My friend was a gestational surrogate.) My friend Toni flew in from Canada on Monday. I spent Monday and Tuesday evening with her after spending part of the day at the hospital each day. I took my friend home from the hospital yesterday. The drive was horribly long.

Today we are leaving for a four day camping trip. NOTHING is packed. NOTHING is prepared. SIGH!!!

Oh well. I'm taking my time and not getting riled up over the lack of preparation. We usually have all this done a few days in advance. The week has been too hectic for me to get anything together. It's all good, though.

This is a much needed vacation. We're leaving the girls behind to go enjoy a few days alone to celebrate our anniversary that came around earlier this week. I'll be back on Monday.