January 13, 2009

It has been a tiring day. With two sick kids and a sick husband, life has gone a bit crazy. I have been unable to sleep since Friday night because the kids keep waking up crying at night. I took them to the doctor today and hopefully the prescription cough medication will afford me a night of much needed sleep.

As for my husband, it seems that his allergy issue may well be caused by peanut butter. The tragedy of this may be incomprehensible to some, but he is very attached to his peanut butter. He always has been, from what I understand. However, he ate peanut butter toast tonight and his rash got worse within just a few hours. I did a field study, so to speak, and rubbed peanut butter on his wrist because there was no rash anywhere on his arms at the time that I did this. Within less than an hour, both his arms were covered in a rash and the spot where the peanut butter had been was red and slightly raised. It seems that he may have developed an allergy to his beloved peanut butter after a 42 year love affair. We won't know for certain until after he can consult a true allergist and not just a crazy wife with crazy ideas about how to determine the actual cause of his skin issues.


Mae said...

Sickness is definitely in the air. Try and take care of ourselves.

Deanna said...

We'd be in BIG trouble if anyone around here developed an allergy to peanut butter!!

Hope everyone is better at your house soon. Thanks for stopping by my bistro - I mean blog. ;-)