March 8, 2009

Pieces of Me

I recently started using Facebook and through the process, I've found several old friends and - yes - boyfriends.

My husband is actually the one that got me started with Facebook. I opened an account over a year ago, but never bothered to get involved. About a month or so ago he started his own account and seemed to be enjoying the connection with his friends - new and old. So I revisited my account and found that it was, indeed, worth my time and energy.

I "met" one of his old girlfriends that he had reconnected with through Facebook. We were both awake one night and spent quite some time chatting with each other about the lost and found of our lives. She made a comment that just stuck with me for some reason. I keep thinking about her words over and over again.

She said that finding her old friends - my husband included - was like collecting pieces of herself that she had left behind along the way.

Her comment seems so profound to me because I had failed to name that feeling, but knew immediately what she meant. Here in this world of social networking I was searching - not for names - but pieces.

I was looking for all those pieces of me that had been left behind, discarded, abandoned, or ripped away by an uncaring hand. I was driven to search until I located all those lost and forgotten pieces.

After she said this to me, it became so clear why these social networking sites have such popularity. All throughout this world there are so many people searching for themselves and the pieces they left behind. Finding those pieces - and the people who hold them - offers a certain sense of closure that is often craved by one's soul.

It has been good for me to locate some of those pieces and find new places for them - and the people that hold them - to fit in my life.

Truth be known, there are still a few pieces out there - waiting to be found. Perhaps one day...