March 11, 2009

What is it about little girls that causes them to run through the house squealing so loudly that your eardrums almost burst?

Why, oh why must they always choose to do this at a moment that is incredibly inconvenient such as when I'm on the phone?

I think they know how this affects my nerves and causes me to lose track of whatever it was that I may have been doing moments before they came running through my space. Their sudden noise is often followed by an overwhelming feeling of being lost on my part, and it takes more than a few moments for me to recover from the shock of the ordeal.

And yet in the other room, where they have already settled into the next game, I can hear them giggling and playing as though nothing out of the ordinary has occurred. The world is once again left in relative silence and the children carry on about their playing without concern for the chaos that they have caused.

I regain my composure and continue whatever task lays before me, wondering how long it will be before I am once again assaulted by the squealing of precious little girls.