July 14, 2009

Try Try Again

I'm at it again. I managed to get to the insurance office. Now that I'm back home, I've laid the little monsters (ahem - sweet angels) in my bed in hopes of a nap. Seriously, they are both so grumpy today that they NEED a nap.

Well, while I force a bit of rest upon them, I have hooked up the DDR again. Today's endeavors have been far more successful. I've managed to complete the first 3 sections of the first lesson without really hurting. I stopped to take some Tylenol as a precautionary measure in hopes of enduring the trauma for a bit longer than would otherwise be possible. I just felt the need to report that even after just one session I'm already feeling stronger. My stamina is definitely better today than it was yesterday.

I'll continue to use the Lessons as a way to track my progress. Eventually, when I feel like I can handle more, I will move on and play the training mode or the game mode. For now, though, I am content to practice with the lessons and let my muscles remember how they are supposed to work.