September 9, 2009

Getting A Good Night of Sleep

There's nothing like having a week without sleep to help you realize just how important sleep is for one's ability to function.

I am thankful that with the help of a bit of honey, I managed to get some sleep last night. My little girls have both been sick for a week, and none of the cough medicine was helping. It occurred to me that honey would be a good idea. I'm not real sure where the thought came from - perhaps a silent nudge from the powers that be - but I did recall reading a while back that honey was good for soothing a raw throat. It worked. Thank God, it worked. I desperately needed to sleep. Yes, I know that the girls both needed to sleep, too, but I was getting to be in poor shape from my lack of rest. It's very difficult to continue to take care of everybody who needs me to care for them when I'm not getting any sleep.

So today I am grateful that sleep was accomplished last night. I'm also grateful that at least one of my girls seems to be almost back to normal. Perhaps in a few more days we will all be past this phase of perpetual sickness. With any luck, I won't catch any of their germs...


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Yes, honey is good for stubborn coughs. It decongest the throat from the cough virus. I'm glad your children have already recovered and you were able to get your good night sleep. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.