May 27, 2009

Stop and See the Lizards

It used to be that one might say "Stop and smell the roses." Not here in the forest, though. Roses don't really grow very easily in the forest. The canopy of the trees tend to block out a lot of the direct sunlight.

The lizards do roam free here, though. Sometimes they even decide to roam into the relative non-safety of my house. They should know better, seeing as how there are 3 cats in here, but apparently not.

Yesterday I was getting the girls ready to leave. The youngest passed by the Hydrangea bush right outside the door and stopped moving. I was already at the car, so I had no idea what was going on. Her Grandma Janet was with her so I didn't really worry about it. As they came to the car, Janet informed me that there were two lizards hanging out on our bush and Risa absolutely had to stop and visit them. Toddler Time has no concept of appointments or deadlines or clocks.

I had to run back into the house to get some things I forgot, so I stopped to check out the lizards, too. Well, I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to share this with Kira. She was already buckled into her car seat, but I insisted that she needed to get out of the car and come back to the house. We all held a little mini party standing in front of the bush watching those lizards. We took about ten minutes out of our day to just stop and watch the lizards do what lizards do. It was interesting.

I suppose I could have gotten frustrated that I was running late, but I would have lost a great deal of enjoyment. It's much more fun to operate on Toddler Time than Adult Time.