October 1, 2009


My heart is sad tonight. I can't really pin down why. I just feel sad. I think the feeling can be traced to the moment when I realized that my 5 year old had taken it upon herself to clean her room. She spent more than an hour picking up toys and putting them away. I have no idea where this sudden desire to straighten up her things came from. I'm not complaining that she did this. Indeed, it is a good thing that she is starting to take a bit of responsibility to take care of her own room and her own things. It's just that she was so GROWN UP about it all. She was so proud of herself, calling us to her room every ten minutes so that we could follow her progress. This growing up thing is very difficult for me...

I must go be sad now.


Annette Kerr said...

I know exactly how you feel! I have conflicting feelings when I see how independent and grown up my 5 year old twin daughters are becoming! Yes, I am incredibly proud of them, but I also can't help feeling a little sad that they are no longer little babies!