June 3, 2009

Does It Ever End...

I am so tired right now. There is so much going on.

My poor kitty cat got hurt and had to be taken to the vet yesterday. We thought she had cut herself on something, and the cut had gotten infected. Turns out that her injury was most likely caused by a spider bite. I'll spare you the gory details, but hope that your animals don't get bitten by a spider. It is not pleasant.

No I have to tend to the needs of the kitty in addition to all my other responsibilities. I have to give her pain medicine and antibiotics. If you've never tried to medicate a cat - it is NOT an easy thing to do. I also have to clean the surgical incisions and apply heat to the area 2 to 3 times a day. Again - not exactly an easy thing to do. She's not very partial to having a wet washcloth applied to her. Cats do not particularly enjoy being wet. Add that to the fact that the area is rather tender. It's just not an easy time. Sometimes I think God has far more faith in my abilities than I do.

Everything seems to be going fairly well these days, though. Certain areas are starting to improve rather dramatically. That's a good thing. Perhaps as those areas continue to improve, the improvements will spread into other areas.

Hopefully somewhere in there I will get to rest. I could use a good bit of rest...