June 11, 2009


I'm really enjoying the television this week. I'm house sitting for a friend, so I have free reign of her big screen TV. The thing is, we don't have TV at my house. We have a television with a DVD / VHS player, but no cable or dish reception. To be honest, it makes life so much easier to live without television. However, there are certain shows that I thoroughly enjoy watching. All the crime shows are on my favorites list. These past few days I have immersed myself in crime TV. It's been great.

This immersion of television, though, has also come with commercials. I have to say that I have not missed commercials at all. They're just silly. I wonder what the creators of these commercials must have been thinking when they came up with these lame ideas for selling something to the general public. It's just sad. Commercials used to be fun and creative. Now they're just pretty lame. They don't make me want to rush out and buy whatever random product is being sold.


Martha A. Cheves said...

Have you noticed that you can adjust the sound for a TV show and as soon as the commercial comes on it's twice as loud? I hate that. I have to mute the commercials while watching a 1 hr. show.
I too have gotten hooked on the crime shows.

askcherlock said...

I read recently that there will soon be controls placed on the loud volume of commercials. It really is a complete turn off, though I do have a secret crush on the Gecko!